Our School Management System provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and school management personnel.

All-in-one EdTech ERP software to manage your institute smartly

Bluelogic ERP is an academic EdTech ERP used in schools and colleges for their administrative purposes. There are 30+ modules in our ERP and more get added regularly.

Bluelogic ERP has modules for Student Management, Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, School News, School Calendar, Events and many more. The Finance module helps you to manage different fee structures with the students. Well-developed HR module to manage the employee payroll and employee payslips for each month. Bluelogic ERP System is also an excellent collaboration tool using the modules Poll, Task, Discussion. There is an internal messaging system within Bluelogic ERP plus also it can be integrated with external communication tools like Email and SMS. Try the free demo or contact sales.

#1: Registration

  • Customised registration form
  • Manage/Edit/Delete functions
  • Multiple view filters available
  • Allot or discard the applicants after reviewing
  • Completed registration form print facility available
  • Collect application fee through online payment
  • and more

#2: Admission

  • Comprehensive customisable admission form with unique student Ids
  • Provide Biometric ID of the students
  • Photo upload facility
  • Multiple guardian addition facility
  • Emergency contact facility available
  • Manage student records including previous education.
  • Attach any type of document and data related to student.

#3: Dashboard

  • Bluelogic ERP is an easy to use system with a user friendly interface. Anyone with a basic computer knowledge can use it with minimum training.
  • Provide Biometric ID of the students
  • Photo upload facility
  • Multiple guardian addition facility
  • Emergency contact facility available
  • Manage student records including previous education.
  • Attach any type of document and data related to student.

#4: Settings

  • Brief information about the education institute
  • It comes with 20+ inbuilt languages and includes basic configuration like country, currency, time zone which can be set
  • School logo on reports, receipts and login screens
  • Enables grading system as per school requirements, automatic unique ID for all the users, Oauth/Azure application integration
  • Manage courses, batches, other major subject including elective and import subjects
  • Batch transfer and graduation facility and generate Transfer Certificates
  • Add custom fields for admission form
  • Activation of SMS module and auto alerts
  • Configure SMS alerts to specific contact numbers for respective actions, to single person or groups or all.
  • Assign Teachers
  • and more

#5: Manage Users

  • Search & view profile of users
  • View/edit users password and access privileges
  • Set your own standards for different roles based on their responsibility

#6: Timetable

  • Create / View / Track / Edit timetables
  • Drag and drop timetable
  • View teacher's timetables
  • Create alerts on subject limits per week while timetable creation
  • Create alerts on employee subject limits while timetable creation
  • Warnings of duplication if the same teacher assigned with another class for the same period
  • Effective allotment of work

#7: Events Calendar

  • Create / Display your Events, Examinations and other items like Dues in the Calendar
  • Identifying colour for each item
  • Quick display all information about the items by hovering over the colour spots in the calendar
  • Monthly vise overview of all items
  • Ease of navigation
  • Information of the Event
  • Event Title
  • Possible to mark if the event is a holiday
  • Possible to set the event common to all using the check box
  • Create event for set of users
  • Auto intimations through SMS, Email and internal messaging system

#8: Library

  • View/Edit/Add/Delete/ Manage books
  • Filter/Tag books
  • Browse through the catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
  • Various search options for a book
  • Initial library setting for courses available
  • Status of issued/renewed book available

#9: Transport

  • Can Add/Edit/Delete vehicle routes
  • Can Add/ Edit/ Delete vehicle details
  • Destination and cost details can be added
  • Transport Fee facility and details available

#10: Finance

  • Classification of Fee structure
  • Fee import facility
  • An easy fee submission/collection process
  • Manage and Pay fees instantly
  • For faster financial process a Separate fee collection date designing system
  • An analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
  • Customise and manage your different categories of incomes and expenses
  • Can adjust your settings for printing fee receipts
  • Generate your Financial Report for a customizable date range
  • Facility to Pay Online
  • An approval system for Payslips
  • Manage your Assets, Liabilities and Donations

#11: Inventory

  • Manage and create stores
  • Manage and create store categories / store types & store items
  • Manage and create your Suppliers
  • Manage your Purchase Orders
  • Also it creates Indents & GRN

#12: Gallery

  • One can Create new categories
  • Upload/ View & Delete photos

#13: Mobile App

  • Branded in your institutions name, accessible through IOS and Android Apps a powerful tool for all user types.

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